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Please be advised that the water quality data provided herein is from a water quality sensor at the Patterson Irrigation District’s diversion. The sensor is periodically calibrated; however the data produced is limited to the accuracy of the sensor at the time the data was collected, the last time the sensor was calibrated, and is only representative of the location of which the sensor was installed and at the time the measurement was taken. By no means is the sensor a replacement for lab quality data, nor is it representative of water quality throughout the District.

Please be advised that any use of the water quality data provided by the District through this link is not a representation of water quality throughout the District and should not be used as a metric to make decisions on farming practices for the quality of water at any turnout throughout the District.

By clicking the link below, you acknowledge that PID makes no guarantees on the quality of the water at each turnout and whether this data is consistent throughout the District. The District will not be held liable or responsible for the end users actions regarding the use of the data.


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