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Dear Landowner/Water User of the Patterson Irrigation District,

This article has been developed to help keep the water users and landowners of PID apprised of current drought conditions and resources available to track water supplies. As you may already know, California is facing another drought crisis one that is very similar to what we experienced less than 5 years ago. At that time, it was advertised that those drought conditions were the worst California had faced in 1,200 years. Unfortunately, that may be the new normal we experience into the future.PID staff are continually monitoring conditions and will do what we can to best serve our water users and landowners. Thank you for being understanding in this difficult time, and please work with staff as we navigate this trying time.

As of 5/13/2021 - PID has water in storage and has not made much use of our wells. It is not currently anticipated that PID will experience shortages, however as conditions evolve this may change. Although conditions provide that 2021 will be similar to that of 2014, we have not been informed that PID will or even may be curtailed off of the San Joaquin River. We were not curtailed in 2014, but were told of the imminent possibility. 

6/16/2021 Update -

  1. The State Water Resources Control Board adopted an Emergency Regulation on the Upper Russian River and some of the Lower Russian River system. The Emergency Regulation includes language that will curtail all diverters with an anticipated date of July 5, 2021. The Russian River System received a notice of unavailability for post-1914 diverters and warnings for pre-1914 diverters on May 25, 2021 and 20 days later adopted Emergency Regulations.
  2. The State Water Resources Control Board issued notices of unavailability for post-1914 water diverters and warnings of potential unavailability for pre-1914 water diverters on the San Joaquin-Sacramento Bay Delta Watersheds (PID is on the San Joaquin Watershed). 

Below are links to correspondance from PID landowners and water users, State Water Resources Control Board links on Drought Conditions, and helpful links to track current water supply conditions

Outgoing letters from PID to water users and landowners:

PID Policies

State Water Resources Control Board

Helpful Links: