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The Patterson Irrigation District is pursuing the first project on its Capital Improvement Plan. The project is a modification to the Two Drains Project completed in 2016, with the relocation of the pump station located along Marshall Road to be relocated into the Marshall Road Reservoir. The Marshall Road Pump Station Project will expand the ability to recapture tail water from the area to recapturing spills from PID. This expansion is projected to provide PID with a supplemental supply of up to 7,000 acre-feet of water on an average annual basis.

On the construction end, the proposed project involves the construction of a reinforced concrete pump sump and manifold, relocation of two pumps, the installation of approximately 400 feet of 30” PVC pipe and the construction of approximately 900 feet of barrier (likely sheetpile) within the Marshall Reservoir.  This water conveyance facility will recirculate approximately 7000 acre feet per year of agricultural drain water into the Patterson Irrigation District water conveyance system. Below are links of project development:

CEQA Initial Study