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Dear Landowner/Water User,


On July 6, the State Water Resources Control Board announced its final draft for the Bay-Delta Plan Update for the Lower San Joaquin River and Southern Delta. This plan update addresses many issues regarding water supply and quality in the Delta, but the largest of these issues is the requirement of 30-50% of unimpaired flows from the tributaries of the San Joaquin River for the period of February through June. The State Water Resources Control Board is requesting comments on the final draft by July 27th and begin consideration of the final draft plan at its August meeting.  This has the potential of a large impact to PID operations in the coming years if adopted in its current form. Maven produced the following message regarding the announcement: THIS JUST IN … State Water Board Seeks Public Comment on Final Draft Bay-Delta Plan Update for the Lower San Joaquin River and Southern Delta

PID has partnered with its neighboring agencies to develop a plan to evaluate the impacts regarding predation of the native species in the river to determine if additional flows are necessary to help support a thriving population of listed native fish species. Furthermore, this effort to evaluate predation is in support of other activities along the Merced, Tuolumne and Stanislaus Rivers to address other factors that affect native fish mortality in the San Joaquin River and to improve conditions for a healthy population without the need to increase flows into the San Joaquin River. Patterson ID will continue to work on evaluating these impacts in the hopes that the unimpaired flow requirements may be reduced or eliminated entirely in support of other means to help address the decline in the listed native fish species.

This notice is intended to inform PID’s landowners and water users of the final draft plan by the Board and provide them an opportunity to see the proposed plan and the potential of its impacts to the Patterson Irrigation District.

Assembly Member Adam Gray Rally Flyer