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Dear Landowner/Water User,

At the June 19 PID Board of Directors meeting, the Board adopted an amendment to its Rules and Regulations regarding irrigator improvements and a new policy on payment methods accepted.

  • The amendment to the irrigator improvements in the rules and regulations now requires an application form for a proposed new facility, enforces that the District and/or its contractors will be the ones constructing said improvement, addresses connections to deficient District facilities and also provides guidance on proposals regarding cost-sharing on projects with the District.
  • The methods of payment policy allows for the usage of credit cards for account holders wishing to pay by credit card. It should be noted that the District is passing through any additional charges incurred for the use of credit cards to ensure the account is paid in full and the District is made whole from the transaction. These charges from Square at the time of the posting shall be 3.64% for over the phone transactions and 2.83% for transactions at the District’s counter. Please note, that we have just ordered the credit card reader and we anticipate that we’ll be ready to process transactions by credit card by the beginning of July.

If you would like to take a look at the nevised rules and regs, application form for new irrigator improvements and new policy regarding payment methods accepted please see below.

Kindest Regards,

Vince Lucchesi, PE

General Manager


2019 Amended PID Rules and Regs

Irrigator Improvements Application Form

PID Payment Methods Accepted Policy